Mattias Spee is a pianist, who focuses on modern repertoire, interacting with contemporary composers, performing forgotten piece and composing hiw own music for piano. Mattias studied piano with David Kuyken and contemporary music with Ralph van Raat at the Conservatory of Amsterdam.

Chamber music plays an important role in Mattias’s musical activities. To him, there is nothing more joyful than making music together. Besides performing regularly in project-based ensembles, Mattias has been part of the Goudsbloem Trio for several years, together with cellist Hadewych van Gent and clarinetist Ana Prazeres.

One of Mattias’s other big musical passions lies with contemporary music. He believes that in the modern repertoire, there are many treasures to be found, that will unfortunately remain undiscovered by a big portion of the audience. Besides that, he has a strong personal connection with contemporary music, both as a performer and a listener. That’s why he regularly incorporates modern music into his concert programs. He himself writes music for piano, as well.

Mattias is also fascinated by music that has, justifiably or not, slipped into oblivion. He thinks it’s import to pay attention to the incredible amount of music that hides underneath a layer of dust and bringing it to life again. This fascination has resulted in a series of albums titled “Eclipse”, featuring music by unknown composers. The first album in this series, which focuses on music by Joseph Wölfl, was released in June of 2021.

Over the years, Mattias has won several prizes, a.o. at the Princess Christina Competition, the Steinway Piano Competition, the SJMN Competition, the Rotterdam Piano Festival and, shortly before the outbreak of the Corona-pandemic, the Vrienden Culture Prize 2019. In the past years, Mattias has traveled both within and outside of Europe to give concerts.

In addition to being a musician, Mattias is a dedicated vegan. He is outspoken on animal cruelty and the negative effects that our way of life has on the planet.

Mattias plays a 1979 Bösendorfer grand piano, made available to him by the Dutch National Music Instrument Foundation.